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Coffee With Creatives | Ackurate

  • Angad Arts Hotel // Grand Ballroom 2nd floor 3550 Samuel Shepard Drive Grand Ballroom, St. Louis 63103 (map)

CLICK HERE: Coffee With Creatives | Ackurate

Coffee With Creatives is a weeky series of speakers loaded with career-scaling insights and expertise...focused around collaboration and innovation.

Driven to cultivate meaningful connections for the creative community, we are humbled to announce our 25th CWC event --- featuring guest speaker, Ackurate The Wise!

Name : Ackurate
Species : Human
Place of Origin : Earth
Determined to create music that resonates deep within us all, solo Hip-Hop/Spoken Word artist Ackurate found the courage, strength and sheer-will to overcome the depression that plagued him throughout his youth spent in East Saint Louis, IL. Born in the middle of ’91, growing up he found inspiration through the words of his influences like Mos Def, Elzhi, Pharoahe Monch & many others.

Ackurate realized the best way for him to function was to find a way to inspire the people and help them through his words in the same honest, meaningful and memorable ways that he had once needed himself.

Through his charismatic charm, positive messages and wildly-dynamic rhythms & rhymes, the young man once known as Vincent Samuel Manuel has established himself firmly in the music-scene, well-respected by his fans and peers alike for the incredible music he makes as Ackurate.

Releasing "Ackurate Precision" in 2012 to an enthusiastic wave of support, he went on to build on the success of his first mixtape to release the versatile & smooth "Versology EP" as part of the music-coalition “Indelible Niche Collective” in 2013 and started up “picKOne” with his sister Jane G33.

Staying true to himself and giving a real voice to the voiceless – Ackurate continues to be inspired by the incredible talent surrounding him and returning the favour in full-force by inspiring others through his thought-provoking lyricism.

After a lifetime spent breaking down the walls of depression – Ackurate is more confident, creative & ready than ever before and stoked to be able to present his very best music to date.

For all the people out there that need to hear what real & what’s important, for those that need to know they’re not alone – Ackurate aims to positively charge your system and re-energize your soul.


Meet, learn, share and build with other like-minded locals over coffee and STRANGE DONUTS at The Angad Arts Hotel - Wednesday June 5th, 12:30-2:30pm.

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