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OpenHeart The Play

  • The Marcelle 3310 Samuel Shepard Drive St. Louis, MO, 63103 United States (map)

CLICK HERE: OpenHeart The Play

Mike is a successful advertiser that gets anything he wants. He’s young, fit, and has a smooth charismatic attitude, who has his way with the ladies. He decides he wants to throw a party at his loft one weekend, where he sees a woman named Jade that distracts him from the entire party. Jade is a beautiful diva who likes to be in control but yet is silly and down to earth. After an intimate night of bonding , they enter into a situationship. They go on a couple of dates and have a great time. Due to his and her past she begins to question if he is serious or not, as a result it causes her to pull back and gives her a wandering eye, the relationship starts to dwindle. Will they make it over this obstacle or will they have to go there separate ways?