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Hi, my name is Jada Kennedy. I’m the owner of Waxpert Lofts and also a Licensed Esthetician. I graduated from Xenon Academy in November 2014 and been on a mission to provide smooth skin since. I worked at one of the biggest Waxing franchise but found myself a little different than the rest. I’m a perfectionist! I wanted to make sure every hair was removed from the area that was serviced. If my client had an ingrown, I would remove it so the skin can be smooth and even. Knowing I was different, November 2016 I opened my own Wax Loft. Every client is different and she is treated as such. Meaning, some clients need more attention than others. Working as an Esthetician excites me because I can educate my client on their skin and, not only that, I enjoy meeting new people.

In late October 2017, I brought something new to Saint Louis and the surrounding area. I got a bus! I’m now mobile. All your waxing need can be done in the comfort of your neighborhood. My bus has everything. From the bed to a wax pot. All I have to do is pull right up in front of your house, job, or any location you feel comfortable. No need to drive because I will be doing the driving.

Contact: 314-305-4636