Asia B



My name is Asia B. I’m from Saint Louis, Missouri. I am one of the many African American women trying to bring more color to the fashion industry. Growing up you face many hardships, the main one not being able to make your dreams come true. I always grew up fascinated by fashion and AA models. They we’re beautiful. In the mist of admiration comes reality. Comes reality comes lack of determination and you lose those same dreams you started with as a kid. I was one of those people who fell in the trap of becoming a adult and losing sight of what I loved. Now as a model for the past 2 years, it is something I’m glad I had the strength to revisit. It is truly something that helps me show my art in ways pictures can only express. The next couple of years will be nothing but hard work. I have to grind, put my city on so we can all shine together no matter what it takes.


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