Aza Njeri



Aza Njeri is a mental health professional, griot, author, award winning- filmmaker, educator, second-generation Hip hop recording artist who uses Hip Hop to inspire and heal the masses. “True Hip hop is the cure”. She believes truth can’t be censored and you must “use any means necessary” to share it. Her writing style is “raw, hip, poignant and compassionate.  Aza believes we all have a story but lack the courage to share; hence she created the “Hip hop saved my life” workbook to aid self-discovery. This is Njeri’s first book which is complimentary to Hip Hop saved my life: Black Girl Narrative- A memoir, It will be available spring 2018.

Realizing film could be a medium to inspire along with writing, she is fully committed to the craft of storytelling and shares her knowledge around the country.  In addition, her independent research in complex trauma and expressive art therapy has lead her to facilitate healing circles, professional training workshops and lectures.