Shay Monet'

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By no means am I encouraging anyone to be like me because I have hit a few bumps in the road.  I decided to look on the bright side, utilize the lessons I learned from my failures, and turned those failures into blessings, I stopped looking back. To be told as a child that you are not beautiful because of your complexion, dismissing your creativeness, your character, and your intelligence, is something that was hard to get over. When you don’t see women in the media who looks like you, you feel as if you don't fit in anywhere in the world.  It can take a toll on you. That is, until you realize you are meant to stand out! That was something I didn’t understand until I was older, and blessed with a forgiving heart, I was able to turn that into much more! I aspire to inspire through my journey, so that my chocolate baes can see the beauty in themselves, before the world tries to tell them differently.  Of course, I hope the inspiration can reach out to ALL women, but my inspiration on this journey is that the younger me out there knows that she can she is enough just as she is!