Knox Entertainment LLC


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Knox Entertainment LLC is an St.Louis Based Independent Record Label Created In 2017 to lay an foundation for the future leaders of roots and blues music. Co-Founded and Co-CEOs, 27 year old Blues Prodigy, Marquise Knox and Alonzo J, Townsend, Son of legendary delta blues legend and Grammy Award winner, Henry J. Townsend lead that charge in perserving and continuing the legacy and heritage of blues and music the city of Saint Louis was and has been built on for decades thru this label.

Preserving and Carrying The Torch Of Roots, Heritage....The Blues. Mission To Cultivate And Insure Independent Music For The Future. Home Of "The Prodigy & Future Of The Blues" Marquise Knox Home Of “The Voice Of The Future Of The Blues” Alonzo J. Townsend Home Of Georgia Blues Prodigy Jontavious Willis